Beacon Point Christmas – 2018

Santa Claus has sure been busy. Ten days ago he was in Colorado Springs and this weekend he visited our neighborhood club house. Harper was so cute when she looked out the window at our front door.  On this particular day, I think she was just super excited to go see Santa.

Ok, so maybe Harper wasn’t that excited to see Santa. Despite her behavior, I am confident that she will remain on the nice list this year.  I love Reese’s expression.  She’s thinking ‘don’t blow this for me, Harper!’  Fortunately, Reese did get some one on one time with Santa and yes, she asked for a blue bike…again.

After posing with Santa, we enjoyed a carriage ride with two belgian horses named Whiskey and Bravo.  Whiskey was my favorite…I’m not sure why.  They weigh 2,000 pounds and eat an entire bale of hay every day.

Reese and Harper had a front row seat to watch Whiskey and Bravo trot through our neighborhood.  Reese made everyone onboard laugh when she excitedly announced ‘THAT’S OUR HOUSE’ as we passed our home.  They both watched the horses in amazement for the entire seven minute ride.