Eastern Hills Preschool 2018 – 2019

Year one of Preschool…CHECK!  It sounds cliche, but where the heck did that school year go?  It seems like just yesterday we were taking Reese to her first day of school.  Ever since that first day, Reese looked forward to every Tuesday and Thursday because those were her school days.  No Mom and Dad, no sissy, and no daycare, just new friends and new, fun preschool activities.  

I really enjoyed the days when Reese asked me to take her to school.  She was always to so excited to take the Race Car, aka the Brennie Cooper, aka the Mini Cooper.  Walking through the parking lot into school she had a confidence in her stride like ‘here I come e-Hills!’.  Once we walk through the entrance, that confidence disappeared quicker than my morning cup of coffee.  Reese would walk timidly to class holding my hand and observing everything and everyone.  Those short walks to her classroom, as she held my hand never lasted long enough and I know that it won’t be long before she refuses to hold my hand at school…or anywhere for that matter.  After Reese would hang up her backpack and jacket on the hook, I’d get a quick ‘bye Dad’ and she would dip into her class.

A lot happened in seven months.  Reese’s physical appearance changed, however, her interests did not as she still loves art and going to the park.  It looks like her last day of school was in February.  N O P E!  It’s actually May.  That’s right, May 21 to be exact.  What other kids have to wear a winter coat and snow boots on their last day of school?  I mean, seriously!  

Rebecca and I had two special days to share with Reese at her school:  Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad.  I got the better day for sure.  Who wants a boring muffin?  Muffins is a safe choice though compared to the alternatives – Mimosas with Mom and Martinis with Mom.  Sign me up for a doughnut any day.  Reese made me a sign that says DAD which currently sits on a shelf in my office and she made Rebecca a canvas tote bag with a finger print flower.  Good times and we’re looking forward to more fun visits at e-Hills.

Even though it didn’t feel like summer, e-Hills celebrated the end of the year by throwing a summer themed celebration.  All of the classes got to perform a song on stage in front of all of their loved ones.  One class sang Toes by Zac Brown Band, another sang In Summer from Frozen, and Reese’s class sang It’s Gonna Be a Beach Blast.  Yeah, we’ve never heard that song either, but maybe not hearing it before is a good thing because now we can say that Reese’s version was hands down the best we’ve ever heard!  

e-Hills always does such a wonderful job decorating for each event.  If you didn’t notice the fun beach theme in the first picture then scroll up for a second and check it out.  Reese was astonished when she stepped foot on that stage and noticed all of her favorite summer toys in one place!  Her attention was locked in on all the decorations and not the audience.  e-Hills also sets up a fun area in the lobby to snap family photos and this time around Reese got to catch a gnarly wave on a surfboard.  Look at that form!