First Capitals Game

Some families have football, some baseball, Degners have hockey.  I have been a Washington Capitals fan for as long as I can remember.  My Dad started cheering for the Caps way back in 1974 when they first joined the NHL as an expansion team.  My oldest brother, Damon, played hockey when he was a kid and my parents carted him all up and down the East Coast for years.  My other brother, Matt, and I played on our high school hockey team for a quickly forgotten season. 

The Capitals are our team and our family bond. Trips to Maryland and Colorado have been planned entirely around their schedule.  We have cried with them, laughed at them, celebrated with them, and cried some more with them.  Some games were sweet victories and others were gigantic disappointments, but none, especially a Stanley Cup victory, will ever be forgotten.

One of the first time’s Rebecca came to Maryland to visit me in 2008, I took her to her first Caps game to see the Great 8, Alexander Ovechkin, one of the greatest goal scorers in NHL history.  Fast forward ten years, and all of a sudden we’re taking our three year old daughter, Reese, to her first Caps game to watch Ovie in action.  Reese took an interest in the Caps during their championship run in the spring of 2018 when hockey was on our T.V. almost every other night.  She loved cheering for a goal no matter what team had scored it.  So in August, when I saw that the Capitals would be in Denver on November 16, I knew that it was time for Reese to rock the red at her first Caps game.  

There are so many ‘firsts’ you look forward to with your children and this will always be in my top five no matter what.  From the entrance into the Pepsi Center, to the hot dogs, the music, and the crowd noise, Reese had an absolute blast.  Sharing that night with Reese, Rebecca, and my Dad was another Capitals memory that none of us will soon forget because we are ALL CAPS!