Halloween – 2018

Isn’t one of the best things about having kids is that you get to be a kid all over again?  Carving pumpkins is something you don’t always do unless you are a kid or have kids.  I forgot how fun (and frustrating) it is. Another great thing about having children is that you get to experience all of their ‘firsts’…like the first time Reese reached both hands inside a pumpkin and pulled all of the goo and seeds out.  

Reese and Harper dressed up as unicorns this year and they logged a lot of miles in their adorable costumes  The fun they had was well worth each and every step. Have you ever seen anything cuter than these two unicorns?  We haven’t, but we could be a tad biased.

Southland’s Mall hosted a great event for kids to trick or treat the weekend before Halloween.  Reese and Harper got to show off their unicorn skills as they trotted from store to store collecting delicious candy.  If you ask Reese and Harper what their favorite part of the day was they would probably say ‘trick or treating with Indiana Jones’.

Finally, it’s the main event!  The big show!  This is what we have practiced for and all you have to do is knock on the door and say ‘Trick or Treat’.  Seems pretty easy right?  They did such a great job and we were surprised at how long Harper stayed out for.  She was a trooper!