Happy 85th Birthday!

Norma Stout, better known as Mom, The G.M. (grandma), or G.G. (great grandma), recently celebrated her 85th birthday.  That’s right, 85!  The G.M. has 2 daughters, 2, granddaughters, and 2 great granddaughters.  Hmm, notice a trend?  According to my calculations 2019 – 85 = 1934.  The cost of gallon of gas in 1934 was only 10 cents and today, in 2019, it’s $2.50.  The G.M. has traveled the world and lived through some of the most significant events in modern history: 3 wars, the first man in space, civil rights, Y2K, 9/11, and even President Donald Trump!  That last one is pretty unbelievable, right? 

Enough history and numbers.  It took quite a bit of calendar coordinating to make this shindig happen, but we did it and did it well!  As always, tip of the cap to Rebecca and her rockin’ rebeccorations for making this shotgun birthday party so special.  

The original Fancy Nancy decorated an oversize birthday card with 85 candles which held a one dollar bill inside each one.  That’s $85.  I’m on a mathematical roll right now.

Fancy Nancy also helped mastermind a collage of family photos that were cut out in the shape of 85.  Such a cool idea.  It was so special to watch Reese and Harper bond with their G.G. as they looked over all of the photographs.  She’s such an amazing role model.

After patiently waiting for an entire afternoon, Reese and Harper finally had the opportunity to belt out their best Happy Birthday To You.  The chocolate chip birthday bundt cake was almost as good as the singing…almost.

No birthday party is complete without a birthday rainbow!  I just had to ask The G.M. to stand so that it looked like the rainbow was shooting out of her tiara.  What a good sport!

Birthday #85 came and went like a temper tantrum…sudden and quick.  What will #86 be like in 2020?  I bet Fancy Nancy has already started rolling the dollar bills.

Happy Birthday, G.G.!