Soccer Season 1

At last, the 2019 i9 Sports spring soccer season has begun!  The kick off to the season was originally scheduled for March 30th, but mother nature had different plans.  A few inches of snow and temps in the thirties is no way to start a new sport.  Luckily, the weather cooperated and it was by far the nicest Saturday of the year.

Before we left, Reese demonstrated her cuteness with her best soccer pose.  What a natural!  She just had to point out that she was decked out in Nike from head to toe.  I’m thinking Nike ad for sure.  At practice, Reese got her reversible red and blue soccer jersey.  There she goes again with that soccer pose!  Except that was in the middle of the game.

The first order of business was for the kids to come up with a team name and that’s when the Red Dinosaurs were born.  Little do the kids know that their jerseys are reversible and the other color is blue.  I suppose they’ll be the Blue Dinosaurs next week.  In this age group, they practice for thirty minutes and then play a thirty minute game.   The coaches started with some drills like dribbling and kicking the ball in the goal, and Reese looked pretty lost.  That’s when Rebecca realized that the only dribbling Reese knows is bouncing a ball and she had no clue what a soccer goal was.  It was a reminder of how foreign it must be to her and that we have to teach her the absolute basics.  I’m pretty sure the only goal Reese knows of is when the Caps score.  

Game time!  Time for thirty minutes of blood, sweat, and tears.  OK, maybe not blood, but there were definitely tears (not Reese).  There’s our girl, number 2 running to the action.  If you know Reese, you know she likes to be in charge and in the action.  Not during her first soccer game.  She kept a safe distance from the action and did a lot of chasing.  Don’t get me wrong, she played harder than most of her teammates, it was just interesting to watch her chase the action instead of be the action.  Rebecca and I had a good laugh because when Reese came out for her first break, after only five minutes, she said ‘I want a snack’.  

I’m proud to say that the Red Dinosaurs won by a landslide.  The score was…I have no idea, they didn’t keep score, but Reese’s team scored a ton of goals.  At the end of the game,  it was finally snack time and Reese got to enjoy some cookies with her best bud, Harper.  What a great first soccer day.  Here’s to many, many more years.