The North Pole – Cascade Colorado

Would you believe me if I told you that The North Pole is secretly tucked away in the hills of Pikes Peak in Colorado?  I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s there and has been for 61 years entertaining children and maybe their parents too.

Rebecca and I had our doubts as to how fun an old amusement park could be.  Our other activity options that day were going to a park (been there, done that) or grocery shopping (yawn).  So we decided to make the 70 mile trek down south to Cascade, Colorado…I mean The North Pole.

This place was amazing and it proved to us once again how adventurous Reese is.  Reese could go on every ride either by herself or with us.  Luckily, she chose to ride share with us most of the time.  These weren’t your cheesy county fair rides either.  They were fast and even gave Rebecca and I some thrills.

Santa made his first appearance of the season.  Reese was consumed by anticipation as we waited in the short, one hour line to see ole’ Saint Nick.  Her game plan: give Santa a hug, a high five, and ask for a blue bike.  She executed her plan perfectly.

We are so happy to have found this old, secret place.  Thank goodness we didn’t just settle on grocery shopping!  The North Pole will definitely be a part of our Christmas traditions for years to come.