Valentine’s Day – 2019

I frequently tell Rebecca that she needs her own blog so that she can share all of her ideas and Rebecorations.  She is so great at stretching a single holiday into a multi-week celebration for Reese and Harper.  This year, they enjoyed some heart shaped cinnamon rolls for breakfast and my new personal favorite dessert – chocolate chip cookie brownies with valentine’s M&M’s.  B E S T | T H I N G | E V E R. 

Rebecca seized the opportunity to spend time with Reese at her preschool Valentine’s Day party.  They shared a yummy chocolate doughnut, made some fun crafts, and then the class shared their Valentine’s with one another.  Hopefully the boys stayed away from my Reesie Pie!

After the party it was the after party on the playground!  Time to burn off all those doughnut calories by climbing, sliding, and chasing.  Reese loves playgrounds so much that I bet she’ll be a playground engineer when she grows up.  Either that or a unicorn.  We’ll see…